The Dragonfly Door adapted into a Play

Theatrical Performances
Communities adapting The Dragonfly Door into plays
to help children cope with the death of students, friends, and relatives

The Dragonfly DoorThe first adaptation of The Dragonfly Door was performed by students at Lee High School in Huntsville, Alabama in May 2007, following a tragic bus accident that killed four students. Learn more.

The book was also used to help students in Crandon, Wisconsin in May 2008, approximately six months after a tragic shooting that left seven young people dead and one critically injured. Learn more.

An original musical adaptation was created by Independent Musical Productions of Huntsville, Alabama in 2010, by a creative team under the direction of Vivienne Atkins. Learn More.
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General considerations on adapting this book into a play are available under our school resources section. Learn more.

If you are planning to adapt this book into a play to help others cope with loss, please contact us to secure permission by e-mailing us at or by calling us at 952-473-9091.